Chiesa di San Marcuola

Church of San Marcuola

Cannaregio, 1762
30121 Venezia VE

The church of San Marcuola is a church dedicated to the saints Hermagoras and Fortunatus ("Marcuola" is a Venetian contraction of "Ermacora"), erected in the 12th century. Major reconstruction was designed by Antonio Gaspari, and completed in 1730-1736 by Giorgio Massari, but the facade remained unfinished. The church has a large collection of statues by Gaetano Susali, and paintings by Francesco Migliori. It also preserves a Last Supper by Jacopo Tintoretto on the left side of the apse.

Opening times:
Everyday h. 9.00 - 11.00/ 17.30 - 19-00

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Photo Didier Descouens - Opera propria