Isola di San Giorgio

San Giorgio Maggiore Island


The majority of the Venetian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, was responsible for the present church, the entrance cloister and the magnificent Refectory

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore has ancient roots. It was the site of a Benedictine monastery since 982, when the abbot obtained Morosini San Giorgio by the Doge of Venice. From that date the island and the monastery grew, flourished and decayed following the fate of the Serenissima. The Monastery of San Giorgio was enriched by the munificence of the Venetian state that destined the care of church property and various properties in the mainland. Island and monastery began to assume the current physiognomy around the first half of the fifteenth century, when San Giorgio were recorded important construction projects of Buora, and subsequently by Andrea Palladio and Baldassarre Longhena. Today the Benedictine monumental complex can be visited through a guided tour service.

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Concerti ARCHIpelago at the squero of Fondazione Cini

31 January 2019
Paid admission
The Quartetto Adorno and Simone Gramaglia,  from the Cremona Quartet, inaugurates on January 31 at 6 pm the 2019 Season of the Giorgio Cini Foundation at the Squero of the San Giorgio Island with the first concert of the ARCHIPELAGO cycle commissioned by  Le Dimore del Quartetto Association and by the Giorgio Cini Foundation, in agreement with the Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d'Italia and the Walter...