Villa Allegri

Villa Allegri Von Ghega

via Venezia 179
30034 Oriago di Mira VE

The Villa was built in 1500 by Allegri Family as a holiday house. The façade is decorated with a lot of sculptures and it is surrounded by an Italian Garden.

This Villa housed a huge number of important people as: General Radetzky, the Napoleonic Marshal  Louis Frederic Marmont, the musician Mascagni and Giacomo Casanova.

The Villa is still inhabited from the Allegri Family.  


Ville by boat and bike 4.1

21 апреля 2019
Paid admission
five apointments 21/04 - 16/06 - 14/07 - 01/09 - 22/09 from 9.00 to 5.00pm
at 9.00 am Meeting by VILLA FOSCARINI ROSSI, Stra (VE).  Villa buit at the end of ‘800s now houses the Shoe Museum.
by boat
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