Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci

Church of San Giorgio dei Greci

30122 Venezia VE
The construction of the church of "San Giorgio dei Greci" began in 1536 and was completed in 1577. The bell tower is located in the churchyard of St. George's Church , the center of which is a decorative wellhead. The architects of the structure were Sante Lombardo and Gianantonio Chiona. For the interior decoration he invited the Brotherhood from Crete the iconographer Michael Damaskinos, who painted most of the iconostasis; to the left of the central door (Horaia Pyle) was placed the Byzantine icon of Christ Pantocrator, a gift of the Grand Duchess Anna Notaras. The dome was frescoed by Giovanni Ciprio, under the supervision of the famous Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto, and the apse mosaic of the Holy of Holies were made by drawings of Thomas Bathàs.
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