Giardini Papadopoli

Giardini Papadopoli

PIazzale Roma
Venezia VE

They are the first gardens you meet coming from Piazzale Roma. They were created in 1834 and they were full of rare tree species, but were then shrunk and sacrificed, in 1933 with the construction of the Liberty Bridge, in the face of new urban needs, tourism and trad . The gardens are divided into three parts  two of which are smaller and they have extensive tree cover in the third part, fenced and large, filled with cypresses, cedars, nettle trees, oaks, pagoda trees, elms, pittosporums, evonimi, oleanders, laurels: there they are also facilities for children to play.


January: 8.00-17.30

Summer: 8.00-20.30

Other months: 8.00-18.30