Palazzo Albrizzi

Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca Venezia Onlus

Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Cannaregio 4118
30121 Venezia VE
The "Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca" is a non-profit institution born in 1971 with the aim of promoting the German language and culture. Its interests have always extended to a European level.

Since its inception, the Associazione have organized several cultural events. To mention only a few examples: Frescobaldi and his age, Wagner in Venice (1983), Goethe's Italian Journey (1986), Europe for Monteverdi (1993), 500th Anniversary of the Travel in Venice of Albrecht Dürer (1995), and the 300th Anniversary of the birth of J. A. Hasse (1999). The association has also organized several international festivals, such as "Meeting Point : Venice", "Musical Encounters in Venice" and "Wintertime Venice", and exhibitions bound to Biennale of Cinema and of Arts. The seat of the Associazione is Palazzo Albrizzi a tipical Venetian Style Palace of XVII Century near the "Ca' D'Oro" Area. The "Albrizzi" family (originally from Bergamo area) resided in Venice from the XVI Century and built up a fortune through the trades of fabric wear and olive oil. In 1667, they were recognized as part of the Venetian Noblesse thanks to their offer of battle ship to the "Serenissima Repubblica" during the Venetian conquest period.


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