Teatro Carlo Goldoni

Teatro Carlo Goldoni

S. Marco, 4650/ B
30124 Venezia VE

It is the old Vendramin’s Theatre (or S. Luca Theatre) and one of the oldest in Venice. In 1762 the playwright Carlo Goldoni moved to the Theatre (from whom in the 19th century it takes its name), writing plays that focused even more exclusively on the nascent world of the bourgeoisie, who were gradually shouldering aside the old and decrepit nobility thanks to their energy, entrepreneurial spirit, cultural awareness and taste for the modern. In 1818 was renovated by the architect Giuseppe Borsato. At present it is the home of the Veneto Theatre Company.

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Teatro Goldoni

Le Disavventure di Arlecchino

28 Juni 2019
Paid admission
dal 28 giugno al 18 ottobre, ore 19.00, a seguire aperitivo
con sottotitoli in inglese e francese
giugno: ven 28, sab 29, dom 30
luglio: mar 2, mer 3, gio 4, ven 5, sab 6, dom 7, mar 9, mer 10, gio 11, ven 12, sab 13...