Planetario Lido

Planetario di Venezia

Lungomare D'Annunzio
30126 Lido VE

In size and facilities, the Venice Planetarium is the third most important in Italy and is the only one that can project realistic and spectacular “artificial horizons” spanning all 360° of the heavens in order to simulate their appearance from other plan

Recently restored by the Venice City Council, and now part of the scientific services offered by the Venice Museum Authority, the facility will be run by the Associazione Astrofili Veneziani [Venice Astronomical Society]. The Planetarium uses optical and mechanical means to offer an extremely life-like reproduction of the panorama of the night sky. The history of the modern planetarium begins in the 1920s, when the Zeiss company designed equipment that could not only reproduce the appearance of the sky but, thanks to a special system of geared movements, also represent the main changes within it. In effect, the system worked using a very sophisticated projector and a hemispherical dome as the screen.


The Planetarium is open to the public from October to May, with a fixed timetable of projections - it is possible to follow the calendar of the events on the website or on facebook.
Entrance is free.


Venice Planetarium
Venezia Lido, access from Lungomare d'Annunzio or via Zeno.
Tel. +39 3388749717/ + 39 041-731518