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42nd edition - May 15, 2016

The event, begun in 1974 by a group of local enthusiasts – lovers of rowing and“Serenissima” traditions, ith the aim of sensitizing the Venetian people to the problems of wave power. The event got bigger and bigger, to the point where it now attracts numerous foreigners and has up to 1500 boats registered for the race.

A big number of boats of all shapes and sizes assemble in the St. Mark's lagoon area in front of the Doge's Palace, where they all wait for the starting signal of a 30 km race, that winds through the lagoon islands and returns to Venice via the Rio di Cannaregio and finishes at Punta della Dogana.
The success of the event was both an incentive for rowing club member- training and a timulus to the craftsmanship connected to the restoration and construction of the boats which was becoming a dying art. Participation in the “Vogalonga” a non-competitive event, has become a moment of “rediscovering” the lagoon, its sites, and its habitat.
The Vogalonga is an act of love for Venice and the waters that surround it, for its lagoon and its islands, for the art of rowing and its boats. Over time it has maintained the objective it was born for: to spread knowledge and awareness of nature and the culture of our city” (from the official website)
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Vogalonga 2016

15 May 16
Bacino di San Marco
Paid admission

The start of the "42nd VOGALONGA 2016" is set at 9:00 when, after the traditional rowing up, will be kicked off with a cannon shot. All boats shall gather in the Giudecca Canal from 08:30 and take...

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