Chiesa di Sant' Elena

Sant'Elena Church

Isola di Sant' Elena, Castello
30132 Venice VE

The church of Sant'Elena, also sometimes called Santa Lena, is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church at the extreme east end of the sestiere of Castello in the City of Venice. The mullioned windows and rose window in the brick façade are Gothic in style. Above the portal is the Renaissance style Monument to Vittore Capello (1467), where Capello, a venetian admiral, is kneeling before the Virgin; the sculptor was Niccolò di Giovanni of Florence. The original bell-tower, built in 1558, had been razed in the early 19th-century. The main altarpice is a copy of that found in the Church of Sette Santi Fondatori in Florence. The interior is mostly bare; most of the paintings are now in the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Venezia. Of the adjacent Convent, only part of the cloister and the central well head remain. The buildings now house a foundation dedicated to world peace.


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Holy masses:
non-working days h. 10 - 11.15 - 18
working days h. 18 (winter) - 18.30 (summer)


Sant'Elena Imperatrice Parish
Isola di Sant'Elena - Campo della chiesa, 3
Tel. +39 041 5205144