Chiesa di San Trovaso

San Trovaso Church

Dorsoduro 1098 Campo San Trovaso
30123 Vencie VE

The church was rebuilt in 1584 from its original foundations. It has two Palladian facades, almost identical, one facing the square and the other facing the canal and is characterised by large windows.
The name St Trovaso comes from the Venetian combination of two saints names: St Gervasio and St Protasio. According to legend the church’s two entrances served to keep two rival families, the Castellani and the Nicolotti, apart. The church features important works of art by Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto  and two altar pieces by Palma il Giovane.
In the surrounding square one can see a typical Venetian well with clay containers that served to filter rain water into the well.  Beside the church is a ‘squero’, a boat building yard, one of the last to remain in Venice and where gondolas and traditional Venetian boats are built.


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