Pescheria di Rialto

Rialto Fish Market

Campo della Pescaria
30125 Venezia VE
A modern construction (1907) inspired by the Venetian Gothic style of the 15th century, erected in the square of the same name.

Historically, this has been the site of the fish market and, like the other markets in the area - fruit and vegetables of the "erbaria", meat in the "beccarie" -, it overlooks the Grand Canal, making it easy to procure and sell goods. During the age of the Republic, a merchant had to be from Venice, Poveglia, or S. Nicolo, be 50 years or older and be a fisherman for at least 20 years to sell fish at the Rialto market.For centuries, Rialto was both the economic and financial centre of the Republic, a real “City”, and a large market for all sorts of products where noblemen mixed with the commoners,Venetians with foreigners.