Isola del Lazzaretto Nuovo

Lazzaretto Nuovo Island

Lazzareto Nuovo, Laguna Nord
30141 Venice VE

The Island of Lazzaretto Nuovo, in the northern lagoon of Venice, has a jagged external perimeter, formed by a high embankment along the western edge facing Murano and by "shoals". An early 19th century quadrangular city wall, with embrasures and sentinel posts, marked off the ancient settlement.Archaeological excavations, conducted in the past fifteen years by the Archeoclub d'Italia, under the supervision of the Archaeological Superintendency of the Veneto (NAUSICAA), have brought to light floors and foundations of buildings and a large number of relics (pottery, coins, plaques and glass) that provide vast information about the unique anthropological history on the island. Currently the research involves the eastern area, where the disobedience chambers and priorate of the Lazzaretto.

Guided tours: Saturday and Sunday from April to October from 9.45am to 4:30 pm

Tel/Fax (+39) 041.2444011

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