Teatro la Fenice

La Fenice Theatre

Campo San Fantin, San Marco 1965
30124 Venice VE

The Fenice Theatre, built in 1790-1792 project by Giannantonio Selva, was destroyed by fire twice. The first time on 1836: the restoration carried out by Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna after the fire privileged the musical function. When La Fenice Theatre was destroyed by fire on January 1996, the theatre was to be rebuilt as quickly as possible. It was decided there and then to rebuild La Fenice “as and where it stood”. The winning project by Aldo Rossi was completed by the end of 2003. The reconstruction work was performed in five different environments: Sale Apollinee, Theatrical Cavea, Scenery Machinery, Northern Wing, Southern Wing.

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  • Telephone: +39  041 786511
    E-mail: info@teatrolafenice.org 
  • Entrances
  • La Fenice Opera House has two entrances:
    - the stage door is for theatre staff and performers only and is manned by a doorman;
    - the main entrance is for paying theatregoers, visitors on guided tours, and people who wish to purchase tickets for performances or souvenirs at the theatre bookshops or simply ask for information at our Information Desk.
  • Lifts The boxes, gallery and family circle can be reached via elevators. Ushers will be happy to escort you to your seats.
  • Access The theatre complies with all legal regulations regarding special needs accessibility. Special needs patrons can access the theatre via an elevator located on the ground floor on Calle de La Fenice. We kindly request that you call us in advance at + 39 041 786511 so that we can notify the appropriate staff members, who will be happy to guide you through the theatre.



Guided tours at La Fenice Theatre

01 January 2015
Paid admission

Among the plasterwork and gilding in the prestigious room, this tour permits the discovery of the back- scene life and secrets of the Theatre and it protagonists, retracing their history from its origins to our days.

Opening hours:

+++In line with the latest guidance, from 5 November 2020 until December 3rd the Teatro La Fenice and the Teatro Maibran...


Stagione Concertistica 2019/2020 Musica con le Ali

15 September 2019
Paid admission

Acquista il biglietto


Musikamera 2020

01 January 2020
Paid admission

Musikàmera, founded by a group of chamber music enthusiasts from different musical and professional background, aims to cultivate an ever broader audience among the city's residence with particular attention focused on schools and universities.  To this end all the concerts will...

Musica, Music