duomo di Mestre

Duomo di Mestre

Piazza Ferretto
Mestre VE
At the mouth of Piazza Ferretto, on the right side, stands the Duomo of Mestre, dedicated to St. Lawrence and Michael, patron saints of Mestre.

The religious heart of Mestre has always been the Parish Church of S. Lorenzo, which is documented to have been built perhaps before the 12th century, when notarial documents were drawn under its stoa. Its reconstruction began in 1446 in the Gothic style and it was consecrated in 1515. Toward the end of the 1700s, considering its state of decay and that is was longer large enough for the growing congregation, it was reconstructed for the third time. The result was the Neoclassical Duomo, work of Venetian architect, Bernardino Maccaruzzi, consecrated in 1805 and surviving to this day. It has a single nave with seven altars, taken from the nearby deconsecrated church of S. Maria delle Grazie. Invaluable is the altar piece, a "Madonna with Child and SS. Lawrence, Steven and Michael" by Ludovico Toeput, called “il Pozzoserrato”, a respected Mannerist painter of Scandinavian origin. The domed vault was frescoed by Giambattista Canal and the organ, renovated for the Bicentennial of the Duomo, was commissioned to the great Gaetano Callido. The bell tower is an adaptation of a lookout tower that stood at the side of the real bell tower, demolished in 1446.