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Centro Culturale Candiani

Piazza Candiani, 7 - 30174 Venezia Mestre

The Candiani Cultural Centre is a modern and highly innovative multipurpose centre, electronically linked with international information networks. It organizes and hosts exhibitions, workshops, cinema events and performances and offers an extensive range of services related to the culture of technological innovation, which develop on two levels: 1) creation of a broad-based and comprehensive basic cultural offer, implemented by courses and workshops catering to specific groups of the community, differentiated by age group, interest, level of education, and marked by immediate and unlimited access to learning tools, open to a continuous and friendly use; 2) the strong identity behind the design, achieved through creation of an authentic meeting place for research, monitoring, extension of the relationship between artistic languages and new technologies.

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VENICE AND SAINT PETERSBURG. Artists, Princes and Merchants

18 December 2018
Paid admission

18 December 2018 – 24 March 2019 Centro Culturale Candiani

Mestre Curated by: Irina Artemieva and Alberto Craievich Scientific direction: Gabriella Belli and Michail Piotrovsky _ The State Hermitage Museum holds one of the greatest collections of Venetian art in the world. The story of its creation is one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of collecting, with extraordinary and...

No fashion places of America

11 November 2018

Exhibition of  Yuri Catania al Candiani Cultural center

The works are on display on the third floor of the Candiani cultural centre, with free admission. The images was taken by the photographer and videomaker 43-year old Yuri Catania during a trip in December 2017 took off from Denver, Colorado. The artist has ' explored ' the States aboard a trailer dubbed American Pie, yielding on images a...

Candiani Groove 2019

20 January 2019
Paid admission
From Jenuary to May, 2019 the CANDIANI CULTURAL CENTRE hosts international and local musicians under the sign of jazz, world music and other languages
20th jenuary at 6.00 pm  “super trio”  Michael Formanek, Tim Berne e Mary Halvorson
26th jenuary at 9.00 pm...

Turbulent America

16 February 2019

At Centro Candiani in Mestre the exhibition “Turbulent America” of Jean-Pierre Laffont.

The exhibition is open from wednesday to sunday , from 4 pm to 8 pm until 30th May, 2019.